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  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe smooth | bergamot | sweet

    This coffee radiates with complexity. It is roasted to accentuate the sweet milk chocolate aroma with a little lemon peel. It draws you into the cup with more chocolate and bergamot, finishing creamy and smooth with a squirt of citrus and lingering garden flowers.

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dark bright | cocoa | lemon

    Sometimes you want your coffee a little bolder. So we roast this coffee darker, but not too dark, just dark enough to give a very slight hint of oil on the bean. This gives the coffee a dark chocolate aroma and the flavor of bakers’ cocoa with a lemon drop.

  • Meskel Ethiopian Blend bold | mocha | flowery

    Here we take the best of Ethiopia and blend it together to tantalize the tongue. It makes a bold statement of dark chocolate and a bouquet of citrus sweetness. This medium body coffee finishes smooth, lingering long and begging to take another sip.

  • Molla Espresso Blend thick | maple | complex

    One sip and you relax and slow down to thoroughly enjoy this profusion of flavor. It coats your tongue with maple syrup and rich chocolate, a splash of amaretto and a little zing of citrus, and finishing with lingering woodsy flair. This coffee is exceptional in your favorite espresso drink, served as a straight shot, or even as a very bold French press.

  • Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf silky | fruit | wine

    You don’t have to sacrifice flavor in a decaffeinated coffee. We offer a unique Ethiopian coffee from the Sidamo region. This coffee will tantalize you with an aroma like a spring bouquet. The coffee comes alive with a fruity taste, a hint of lemon and finishes silky smooth.

  • Zema Decaf Espresso sweet | chocolate | earthy

    The word Zema is Ethiopian “to sing.” This espresso has a complex dark chocolate and almond flavor and little whistle of lemon will cause you to break out in song. The coffee is medium to full body and finishes with a pleasant walk in the woods.